Is U.S. Government Using LSD for Interrogations?

Article from: TPMuckraker

Author: Justin Rood

Location/Region: U.S.

Link: TPMuckracker

Comments: An article of questionable content, but interesting nonetheless. Lawyers for a bomb suspect claim he was forced to ingest either LSD or PCP by the government in an attempt to glean information from him.


The Anti-Smoking Vaccine

Article from: AlterNet

Author: Jeffrey Helm

Location/Region: U.S.

Link: AlterNet DrugReporter

Comments: The development of a vaccine against drug addiction is a relatively new area, which promises to help those who want to kick their habit. Unlike traditional vaccines, which target viruses, drug vaccines need to work slightly differently by clumping onto drug molecules, preventing them from crossing the blood-brain barrier.

Marijuana’s Key Ingredient Might Fight Alzheimer’s

Article from: LiveScience

Location/Region: U.S.

Link: LiveScience

Comments:  Some research shows that there are potential actions from THC that may prevent the formation of abnormal clumps of proteins which is characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease. Experiments showed that THC was significantly more effective than two available pharmaceuticals currently used to treat Alzheimer’s.

The Myth of an ‘Addict Gene’

Article from: AlterNet

Location/Region: International

Link: AlterNet DrugReporter

Comments: An article summarizing the current knowledge of addiction-related genes, and the associated ethical issues that will need to be addressed in the future. It emphasizes increased awareness that addiction is not caused by any single gene or sequence of genes, although they can sometimes indicate a risk. Current popular thinking seems to neglect the importance of other factors such as environment, stress and traumatic events in the person’s life.

Soldiers in ‘guns for coke’ scandal

Article from: Times Online

Location/Region: U.K./Europe

Link: Times Online

Comments:  British soldiers from the 3rd Battalion of Yorkshire have been involved in trading weapons for cocaine. It is said the guns were smuggled from Iraq and sold on the black market in Germany. Some claim up to 60% of soldiers from the company regularly use drugs such as cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy.